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UW Health RN Membership

1. Sign up to contribute through U-Connect. (Instructions below.)

2. Sign a union member card.

  1. Join a Zoom Membership Meeting
    Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at 1700 and 2000. Clinic RNs meet the first Thursdays at 1900. Ask a nurse leader for the link.

Compensation Survey

Contact Info: For more information, talk to a member of our Nurse Union Committee at work or email

Sign Up to Contribute Dues

  1. Click Oracle Cloud under the Quick Links tab of U-Connect.
  2. Click Show More under the Me tab.
  3. Select Manage Personal Contributions under the Compensation header.
  4. Click Add in the upper right corner.
  5. Click the arrow under the Plan drop down menu. Select Voluntary SEIU Dues.
  6. Click the arrow under the Option drop down menu. Select SEIU.
  7. Click OK in the upper right corner.
  8. Click Submit.

    Want to check your contribution? See it here:

Dues enrollment must be submitted one week before the pay date to be picked up for processing on the next pay date. To view your dues, click Me, then Personal Information, and then My Compensation in the Oracle Cloud. Dues are calculated based on your hourly rate and FTE:

Need help enrolling? Ask a nurse leader!