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SEIU Wisconsin:  Stronger Together

Throughout the proud history of our union, SEIU members in Wisconsin have shown that our power is rooted in the strength in numbers we gain when we stand together. In 2023, to improve communication and support for members and build more power for working people, members of SEIU Local 152, SEIU Local 1 in Wisconsin, and SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin voted to bring together 7,000 workers into one unified local:  SEIU Wisconsin.

By taking this step, we are creating:

Unification FAQ

Will my contract change?

No. All of our current contracts will continue in full force with all of our stewards and worksite leaders continuing to serve. Employers will be notified of the transition to SEIU Wisconsin.

My bargaining unit is negotiating a new contract. Will bargaining be affected?

No. The current bargaining teams will continue to negotiate, now backed by expanded support from the more robust staff of SEIU Wisconsin.

Will my dues change?

No. There are no plans for changes to dues. Dues cannot change unless and until members have an opportunity to vote.

How do I get help for issues on the job or a grievance?

Worksite leaders, stewards and internal organizers continue to help you. To reach SEIU Wisconsin, call (888) 285-1199, email or click here to connect with staff members.

How can I see the Constitution and Bylaws for SEIU Wisconsin?

You can find the Constitution and Bylaws here or call the Member Action Center at 888-285-1199 or email

Additional Information

Constitution and Bylaws

Learn more about our organization and how we operate.

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Leaders of SEIU Wisconsin

Members of the SEIU Wisconsin Executive Board reflect the strength and diversity of our membership, coming from a variety of job classifications across the state. All are eager to connect with members about the exciting future for working people in Wisconsin.

Executive Board