Tell Congress to protect Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare!

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Working families won!

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Help pass the Bring Jobs Home Act!

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Workers’ rights are under attack! Tell your senators to support collective bargaining!

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Protect the Environment, Create Economic Growth

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Federal Court Rules Parts of Act 10 Unconstitutional

On March 30th, a federal court ruled that parts of Act 10, Gov. Walker’s union-busting law, were unconstitutional under the U.S. constitution. While this shows that Gov. Walker disregarded U.S. law when attempting to crush public sector unions, it does not fully restore the rights of public employees on the job. The fight to reclaim Wisconsin by recalling Scott Walker continues.

Here is what the federal court ruled:

  • The requirement to recertify a union yearly with an absolute majority – 51% of all bargaining unit members – is in violation of the constitutional protections of Free Speech and Equal Protection
  • Denying a worker the right to voluntarily have union dues withheld from their paycheck violates their First Amendment Rights

Judge William Conley immediately stopped the state from enforcing the absolute majority requirement in union elections and set a deadline of May 31 to return automatic dues deduction from all members of public employee unions who so choose.

While this is a step in the right direction, there is still much work to be done to ensure that all working families have the right to collectively bargain.  We must stand together until justice is restored to all Wisconsin workers.

(Wisconsin State AFL-CIO)

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Milwaukee Jobs Act Day of Action

All hands on deck! The Milwaukee Common Council was scheduled to review the Milwaukee Jobs Act on March 9th, but has now postponed the hearing indefinitely.

We need you to join Milwaukee workers at City Hall 8:30am-2pm tomorrow, March 9th, for a people’s hearing on the Milwaukee Jobs Act.

When: Friday, March 9, 8:30am – 2pm

Where: Milwaukee City Hall, 200 E Wells St in the rotunda

Support the MKE Jobs Act Day of Action will include a people’s hearing, media conference, and neighborhood canvassing. Milwaukeeans need the Common Council to take bold action to address the joblessness crisis our community.

The MKE Jobs Act will:

  • Ensure jobs created with taxpayer money are good jobs with benefits
  • Put young people to work year-round in small businesses and non-profits
  • Require community reinvestment from banks that benefit from taxpayer money
  • Put Milwaukee residents to work restoring our infrastructure and maintaining foreclosed properties
  • Hold businesses that receive our tax dollars accountable for creating the jobs they promise and if promised jobs don’t materialize we will get our money back

Join us for all or some of the actions:
8:30am – Media conference in support of MKE Jobs Act

9:00am – MKE Jobs Act public hearing

noon – Neighborhood canvassing in support of MKE Jobs Act

For more information contact jennifer.epps@citizenactionwi.org or 414-213-7574

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Wisconsin Act 10 Takes Effect: Public Employees Brace for Cuts to Pay, Benefits and Workplace Rights

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SEIU State Council Responds to the Permanent Injunction against the Collective Bargaining Bill

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Legislative Scorecard 2009-2010

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